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  1. The common language of the game is english. We reserve the right to delete or ban all accounts, profiles, messages etc. not written in english language. We recommend German speaking people to visit
  2. The terms and conditions you have accepted on registration apply to Dossergame in all and must be adhered to.
  3. You are aware that this is a satirical strategy game. That means the language used might not always be p.c.
  4. Inventory and prices won in this game are fictional and cannot be redeemed.
  5. Accounts can be deleted or blocked for an indefinite length of time - without giving reasons.
  6. Player's names/avatars must be legal.
  7. We want to ensure friendly and open communication between players. Insults will not be tolerated.
  8. Multiple accounts are not allowed and will be deleted.
  9. Bots and scripts are not allowed.
  10. Connections through a proxy server are not allowed.
  11. Connections through IFrames are not allowed.
  12. The use of visitor exchange systems is not allowed!
  13. We do not accept any responsibility for server crashes, programming errors, display errors or the like.
  14. If a player is penalised by a server crash, programming error or the like he is not entitled to the recovery of his game score.
  15. Every player can delete his account at any time.
  16. Messages sent in the game will be saved for an indefinite length of time.
  17. Any graphics and links provided by us must be published in a way that is inoffensive to others. Spamming is strictly prohibited.
  18. The publishing of game information (pets, homes, etc.) is not allowed.
  19. Support enquiries to administrators must not be sent via tickets. The tutorial, forum or support system can be used to post enquiries.
  20. Disregarding any of the rules might lead to blocking or deleting of the player's account.
  21. Political statements/images are not allowed in the game. Extreme statements/images will lead to immediate blocking of the player's account.
  22. The exaltation of illegal drugs is not allowed.
  23. In-game insults must be reported to the support team. The offender will receive a warning. After 3 warnings his account will be blocked.