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*What is Dossergame about? Dossergame is an online browser game. The goal of the game is to turn your avatar from a tramp into a millionaire. There are many ways to achieve this: for instance, you can get virtual donations from other players, learn to play a musical instrument and go busking and invest the money you earn in further education courses or a better home. Step by step you improve your avatar until one day he can move into his very own chateau. Dossergame has given the traditional simulation game conecpt a new twist by putting it into a contemporary context. At a time when most simulation game themes are either medieval times or space age, Dossergame really stands out from the crowd. Dossergame is not trying to be absolutely realistic. This serious subject (homelessness and poverty) is being dealt with in a funny and not always p.c. way. Maybe this is the reason why we have managed to sensitize young people for this subject.

Who are the people behind Dossergame? Dossergame is a Farbflut Entertainment GmbH project. Directors Marius Follert und Niels Wildung (both 20) developed the game early 2007.
The current version of the game has been online since June 2008.

From the start, one goal of the company was to donate part of the income to a homeless organisation in Hamburg, Germany.

Dossergame and Child Protection Unlike many other browser games, Dossergame is set in a current social context and deals with this subject in a satirical manner. To understand the real-life relation of the game and it's content it is essential to be able to recognize and assess the satirical elements of the game (double meanings, exaggerations, irony, etc). This applies in particular to the use of stereotypes and the relevance of alcohol in the game.
Due to the satirical and not always politically correct character of the game we recommend a minimum player age of 14 years.
Farbflut Entertainment GmbH are employing various methods to try to protect players.

Content infringing any of the rules of the game (link) is removed as soon as it is reported. Users are also given the option to block messages from certain players (through special privacy settings). We attach great importance to the education of our users. This includes the invitation to report questionable content.
Dossergame is protected by the age verification system ICRA, which gives parents the option to select the web pages their children can visit. If you have any further question regarding this topic, please e-mail us at